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In this short and spooky minigame you must defend your front porch from ghostly trick-or-treaters that have risen from the graveyard across the street!  Your only weapon: fistfuls of candy from a never-ending candy bucket.  Created in 72 hours for VR with Andrew's Spooky VR Jam (my first ever game jam!)

This is a PC VR game, it uses SteamVR, and requires a SteamVR-compatible HMD and hand-tracking controllers (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Windows MR, etc).  The only actions required are grabbing and throwing.  Be mindful of your IRL surroundings when throwing virtual objects, and be careful not to throw your controllers!

In its current form, the game is a proof-of-concept and has no win or lose state.  If a ghost reaches you without receiving any candy, you get a little spook and then the game keeps going.  Future plans include scorekeeping, multiple waves, multiple ghost types, and an end-game.

I relied primarily on free art assets or packs that I had already purchased previously.  Assets used include meshes from the Low Poly Ultimate Pack, Tombstone Mega Pack, and Free Cartoon Halloween Pack; textures from Textures.com, CC0Textures.com, and AllSky Free; sound effects from ZapSplat, PM SFX Sampler Pack, and Monster Sounds & Atmospheres SFX Pack; and finally, the SteamVR Plugin and Obi Fabric.


Treat Toss VR 0.1.zip 389 MB

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