V 0.3.1

This release is primarily about optimizations and performance; I've changed the way resizing the room works, as well as some of the lighting, in an effort to bring framerates up.  On my own middle-of-the-road system, the previous version ran at about 45-50 fps, making it just barely playable with reprojection.  These first changes I've made bring it up to 55-60, and with the ability to turn reflections off, that jumps up to 90, which is the target framerate for VR.  I've also migrated the project to Unity 2017.2, which supposedly includes major improvements on Windows 10 machines (I can't confirm these, as I'm stubborn and still run Windows 7).

The most difficult thing to deal with right now is lighting.  Because this game needs to have areas of pitch-black to both hide the animatronics and to match the generally dark atmosphere of the original game, and because that pitch-blackness needs to  be able to be toggled on and off, the simpler baked lighting solutions built into Unity just don't work for me.  As I learn the engine, I'm finding roundabout ways to light things (or remove lighting from things) and learning other lighting techniques that are less expensive.  This should lead to further performance gains as I implement those changes.


VNAF 0.3.1.zip 639 MB
Oct 28, 2017

Get Vive Nights at Freddy's: A VR Fan-Remake

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