​VNAF 0.4.1 - The Easter* Update

This is a totally new and original experience, just for Easter*!

Defend yourself from the never-before-seen-in-VNAF scariest of all the animatronics in this totally finished and not at all riddled with bugs new release of VNAF!

You won’t believe how spooked you’ll be! Probably!

*other holidays may apply


VNAF 0.4.1 - The Easter* Update
Apr 01, 2018

Get Vive Nights at Freddy's: A VR Fan-Remake


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stupid question  but dos it work on PS4 VR

Nope, PC only.

not letting me download this version but only previous versions. would it even be worth it tho? btw this is amazing. the game is.

That's weird, wonder what happened... Not worth it anyways, I had to rush it to get it out for April Fools, and it ended up extra buggy as a result.  A real update should be coming later this summer.

ok thx. good to know its an April Fools joke.