Vive Nights at Freddy's V 0.3.6 is out!

This release includes quite a few changes that I intend to let you guys discover on your own.  Halloween Night has been removed temporarily, but Night 3 has been added!  It's not final yet, but it's definitely got a few new bits and pieces.  Night 2 should be unlocked from the start, but it also has a few changes, so I'm going to make you play through it again before Night 3.

Playtesting on this release is a bit minimal, as usual; I'm fairly confident it won't crash very easily, but the difficulty probably needs tweaking.  I do believe I have fixed the issue some users were experiencing with graphical glitches that smeared across the screen, though!


Dec 23, 2017

Get Vive Nights at Freddy's: A VR Fan-Remake


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how do I download this version