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This is a room-scale remake of the original Five Nights at Freddy's, designed for the HTC Vive (Oculus Rift with Touch support now included for testing!)  This demo includes the first two nights of my remake; in the future it will be expanded to a full 5+ nights, and may include a few twists and turns of its own...

You can find some gameplay videos tracking my development progress here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dielji

All art and gameplay is subject to change!  I'm still learning, so the jump-scare animations are janky as heck, and my textures are a little weird sometimes.  I'm eschewing quality a little bit for the sake of getting this out on the 3rd anniversary of the original game's release.  It also probably runs like molasses as a result, so if you're having performance problems, let me know and I'll work on optimization.

This is a 100% free fan-remake; all credit for the original game goes to Scott Cawthon (http://scottgames.com/ and http://fnafworld.com/)  You won't fully appreciate this game unless you've played the original FNAF, so please go buy it and support Scott!

The models for all the Animatronics are rynfox's meshes (https://rynfox.deviantart.com) downloaded from NeonZero13 (https://sketchfab.com/danteduarteg) on Sketchfab, and the textures are a mashup of their work and that of Superkerbin (https://sketchfab.com/superkerbin); I also used Superkerbin's cupcake.
 These models are licensed under CC Attribution.

Many of the texture and audio assets used in this game came from the original FNAF, and credit for them goes to Scott and/or the folks Scott licensed them from, as appropriate.  Please don't sue me!

Using the trigger of the Vive controller, remove the time card for the night you wish to play from the time card receptacle located to the right of the punch-clock.  Insert your time card into the slot on the underside of the punch-clock, then firmly press the button on the top of the punch-clock to begin the night.  The monitor in front of you is used to view the security camera feeds.  Hold the power button down to keep the monitor on (gotta conserve power after all!) and press the buttons below the monitor to switch feeds.  There are buttons next to the doorways on your right and left to control the doors and hallways lights.  Good luck!

Note: Other people watching your gameplay will see a map showing the locations of the animatronics and other useful information.  If you prefer to keep your viewers in suspense, you can toggle this display on and off by tapping the "M" key on your keyboard.

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Published 164 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsHorror, htc-vive, Oculus Rift, Remake, Spooky, Virtual Reality

Install instructions

No installation required, just unzip and play!

V 0.2.1 - Added a startup menu with two major features.  The first allows you to tweak the play area to better match your room by using the sliders to shift things around.  The second is some basic Twitch integration; get an oauth token from Twitch and you can connect to your channel while streaming to see chat messages in the security room.

V 0.2 - Night 2 is now available after completing the first night!  All animatronics are active on Night 2.  This version also includes a significant number of bugfixes and gameplay tweaks, including completely reworking all of the animatronics and their jumpscares.

And don't forget to boop the nose!


VNAF 0.2.1.zip (379 MB)

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