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​VNAF 0.4.1 - The Easter* Update
This is a totally new and original experience, just for Easter*! Defend yourself from the never-before-seen-in-VNAF scariest of all the animatronics in this tot...
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Vive Nights at Freddy's V 0.3.6 is out!
This release includes quite a few changes that I intend to let you guys discover on your own. Halloween Night has been removed temporarily, but Night 3 has bee...
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V 0.3.3
V 0.3.3 Changelog: New ambient music plays in the backstage area Added a Map toggle to the title screen You can now hang up the phone in the security room Exper...
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V 0.3.2
V 0.3.2 - I've finally found a reasonable solution to the collision on the buttons being so wonky, it should make them much easier to press and hold. I've also...
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V 0.3.1
This release is primarily about optimizations and performance; I've changed the way resizing the room works, as well as some of the lighting, in an effort to br...
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V 0.3 - The Halloween Update!
V 0.3 has been released! This version features the ability to adjust the security room's size and layout to match your VR play area, as well as an extra-specia...
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V 0.2.1 Update
V 0.2.1 includes a startup menu that adds two major features. You can now tweak the play area to better match your room by using the sliders to shift things aro...
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V 0.2 is here!
This version of the game features nights 1 & 2, and includes *all* of the animatronics. Their models and animations have been completely reworked as well. Not...
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